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Clinical Leadership Solutions was established in 2016 to provide consultancy in the area of safety and quality. Under the CLS Consult brand, CLS provides leading-edge consultancy services in health and social care, including the independent review of adverse events. In 2018 the CLS Educate brand was established to provide market-leading training in the area of quality and safety to the health and social care sector. 


In response to a market need for a platform to make clinical guidelines available across all devices, We established CLS Inform and developed the CLS Inform App Platform allows clinical teams to manage and access clinical guidelines on all devices at anytime, anywhere on any device.


Striving to a leading partner for healthcare providers, by delivering innovative solutions, market-leading education and best in class consultancy.

With access to a diverse range of clinical and managerial expertise,  we deliver transformational outcomes for an ever-changing healthcare environment.


Anne Brennan is a founder and Director of Clinical Leadership Solutions (CLS),  is an experienced healthcare management consultant with over 20 years of experience in healthcare delivery and commissioning.


Anne has led the development of numerous healthcare quality and safety programmes, which have offered significant tangible outcomes for organisations and their service users. Anne has led the development of the CLS Educate brand, which focuses on developing skills and knowledge to improve safety and quality in healthcare, and CLS Inform, an App-based platform that allows clinical teams to access clinical guidelines on mobile devices at the point of care.


Anne holds a  BSc in Management Science from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management from the Royal College of Surgeons.

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