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After Action Review

For many years health and social care organisations have been planning and preparing for a pandemic. Earlier this year, this preparedness was tested as COVID-19 impacted on every aspect of our health and social care services. 

As the numbers of new infections and fatalities declines and we seek to reopen and re-establish our services in a post COVID era, we should now take some time to learn from our initial response,


The After Action Review methodology, endorsed by the World Health Organisation is an excellent mechanism to undertake a structured analysis of your response.


The methodology is based on the simple premise of asking 4  questions:


1. What did we expect to happen?

2. What actually happened?

3. What went well/what went less well?

4. What can we improve for the future?


CLS Consult can support your organisation in undertaking Afer Action Reviews through hands-on facilitation of reviews or by building in-house capacity and capability through our  After Action Review training designed for staff identified as facilitators. 


Contact us today on +353 1 6647207, or via the Chat function on this site to discuss your organisational requirements. 


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