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CLS Inform transforms the management and dissemination of clinical guidelines, policies and procedures, all from a simple to use customisable platform which ensures staff have access to best practice guidance at all times, supporting safe and effective decision making.

Think of the last time you or someone you know engaged with healthcare. The diversity of tasks, the number of people involved and the use of technology. The complexity has allowed for the delivery of better and more effective treatments it also provides more opportunities for things to go wrong and harm to occur.


Healthcare has responded to the risk associated with this complexity by developing scientific evidence-based clinical guidelines which guide and support clinical decision-making. Research tells us that the introduction and use of clinical guidelines have resulted in reduced risk and enhanced the safety and quality of care. They now underpin healthcare delivery globally, with organisations required to have robust arrangements around their management and availability at the point of care.


CLS Inform addresses the challenge for healthcare organisations of ensuring effective management and dissemination of clinical practice guidelines which standardise treatment pathways and guide safe and effective practice.


  • Stable app platform for IoS and Android devices

  • Off-line access – there is no need for continuous wifi or data

  • Facility to issue customised news and features feed to your audience

  • Ability to handle content in multiple languages 

  • User login or open access to your app


  • Team to work with you throughout app development

  • Provide expert advice on the most effective way to present your information in an app

  • Access to development versions of your app


  • Customised branding reflecting your organisations corporate look & feel

  • User interface which allows you to connect with your audience 


  • Maintenance of app after release

  • Provide access to analytics and data on app usage

  •  Effective mechanism to update content

  • Ability to commission further features and enhancements


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