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Programme Info

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Putting it all Into Practice

CLS Educate Investigation of Adverse Incidents training for healthcare professionals and
managers has been designed to develop organisational skills and expertise in incident

The training is underpinned by a structured and systematic approach to incident
 investigation which facilitates the identification of key causes, their contributory factors,
allowing review teams to construct meaningful recommendations designed to prevent
future re-occurrences while ensuring the perspective of the patient/service user and their
family is considered.
Our unique creative approach delivers training that is engaging, impactful and practical,
which combines evidence-based best practice with thought-provoking practical exercises.
Each programme has been created by healthcare experts and professional and is
continuously updated to ensure it reflects current best practice and evidence base.

To complement the Masterclass Programme and allow participants to build confidence
and competency in the use of the systems analysis methodology, CLS has developed a
‘Putting it all into Practice'; half-day workshop.

The workshop is based on a video case study and allows participants to utilise the skills, tools and techniques gained
through the Masterclass programme.

The programme learning outcomes are:

  • Apply a systems analysis approach to a serious adverse incident

  • Apply the Just Culture Test to the actions of individuals involved in an adverse incident

  • Develop effective recommendations

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