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2 or 3 Day Workshop Format (Face to Face)

Virtual delivery available 

Supported by CLS Human App

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Human Factors in Health & Social Care Masterclass

CLS Educate Human Factors in Health & Social Care Masterclass for healthcare professionals and managers has been designed to provide an introduction to the concept of human factors and build participant competency to apply its concepts and elements in health and social care to improve patient safety.

The training is underpinned by a structured and systematic approach to assist participants to:

  • Understand the limits of human performance, the different types of personalities and the concept of emotional intelligence

  • Understand the psychology of human error and the importance of reporting and learning structures 

  • Gain knowledge of the science of human factors and its role in health and social care

  • Use appropriate human factors approaches to Improve Quality and Safety in busy clinical practice

  • Understand what constitutes effective communication and explore the potential impediments to it and how they can be overcome

  • Understand the importance of feedback and how to establish this into the workplace

  • Understand the role of effective teamwork and the intrinsic link between teamwork and safety

  • understand the role of Human Factors in the design of service/care pathways.

  • Use human factors thinking to learn when adverse incidents or near misses occur

The Human Factors Masterclass Programme provides participants with the concepts, tools, and techniques to apply human factors methologies in the workplace.

The modular approach has been designed to provide organisations with a suite of content which can be adapted to meet their unique learning requirements.

All programme content is evidence-based and has been designed by healthcare experts and combines evidence-based best practice with thought-provoking practical exercises.  The programme is supported by an online App (CLS HUMAN) and resource website (CLS Projects) which provides participants with a suite of supporting information and resources.


The Human Factors Masterclass programme is aimed at health care professionals including executives, frontline clinical staff, patient safety specialists, pharmacists, quality improvement professionals, and anyone involved in the commissioning, planning or delivery of health and social care. 

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